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REGISTRATION TICKET: full access to 7 hours of lessons/workshops and interviews with support in different languages; video recorded for free access whenever you want; upon sending us your video you are eligible to win a WISH DANCE pair of shoes


Click here for your free ticket

  • The ticket holder will have access to all the videocalls in VOOV meeting app extremely easy to use,  he/she will receive the enter code before the meeting.
  • Vote the choreography that you enjoyed the most and send us your video, as a reward for the best video a pair of made in Italy shoes that we all wear WISH DANCE branded!!! Prepare a video of what you have learned: steps, choreography, exercises or a creative video on this festival, free your imagination! Max length: 2 min. The best video will be rewarded with a pair of men’s or women’s shoes. Send by Saturday night, 4th July to the following email:
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